Radical Feminism is Pro-Women

Today a prominent feminist called me ‘trash’ and told me I was unwelcome on her public account because I stated that women who don’t believe males can be women deserve to be treated with respect.

Pretty much any time a woman says that males are not females or that being a woman is a physical reality and not a thought in a man’s head, there will be dozens of people lining up to attack, threaten, bully and abuse her, while accusing her of being violent and contributing to the death of trans people. I have seen it over and over and over.

It is absurd how so many feminists have been convinced that Radical Feminists are the enemy and believe that we hate trans people and ‘want to erase trans people from existence’.

The word TERF is a cure-all for silencing and discrediting any woman who understands that gender is not grounded in any physical reality, but is artificially applied to people based on their biological sex.

Pro-trans groups estimate the prevalence of transgender people to be around 0.04%. That’s 1 in 2500. That’s not many, even though it is a lot more than official estimates. Based on that figure, there are 35 times more gay, lesbian and bisexual people than there are trans people. I personally know ONE trans person. In my lifetime I have met one other, when I was a very young child. I’d hazard a guess that a vast majority of people don’t know any.

There are 1300 times more women than there are trans people. Pretty much everyone knows a whole bunch of women. Roughly half of all women will be subjected to male violence over the course of their lifetime. And yet, a whole subset of feminists are willing to go into bat for a tiny number of trans people they don’t even know, at the expense of women who they actually do know.

It’s not even about who is right and who is wrong. It is co-opting feminism on behalf of a tiny sector of the population and using it to denigrate women who actually care about the liberation of women. It is about the demonisation of the women who see the Patriarchy, and male pattern violence, and male sexual entitlement for what they are and who are willing to expose it. It is men who hate women setting other women up to do their dirty work.

How do you distract well-meaning masses who are hell bent on achieving ‘equality’? You say ‘look over there, there are some bad women who aren’t letting the poor marginalised trans people into their club. Those women want the trans people to die, and you proper feminists have to stop them!’.

So they call us ‘cis’ like they are hissing a curse at us. Us radical women who are not allowed to tell other people how they can and can’t ‘identify’ are labelled against our will with a descriptor that even trans activists can’t agree on the meaning of. I have on several occasions, out of curiosity, asked trans activists whether they consider someone like me, a female woman who does not perform femininity, to be ‘cis’ or not. Not one of them has given me an answer so far. Yet in ‘discussions’ they are very quick to dismiss me as a ‘cis woman’ and a TERF, as though those things invalidate anything I might have to say.

I had a guy today announce that TERFs are ‘radical feminists who think that cis women have more right to gender identity than trans women do’. I don’t know where he came up with that, but it is beyond absurd. Radical feminists don’t believe in the term ‘cis’, let alone labeling themselves or others with it. We don’t consider some people to be more worthy of a gender identity than others. We seek to liberate all people from the constraints of gender, so that all people, no matter what their sex, are free to dress and otherwise express themselves in whichever way they choose, participate in whichever activity they choose, and not be criticised or ostracised for it. Saying that gender abolitionists, as many radical feminists are, want to erase trans people from existence is a gross misrepresentation.

Even if gender as a concept, as the social construct we are so tightly constrained by, was erased, transgender people would still exist. Except they would just be people. If all people were people, treated equally regardless of what they look like or what they wear, then women and transgender people and people of colour would all just be people. Surely trans activists can see that as an improvement on the current situation?

Radical feminists don’t hate trans people. We are opposed to those who seek to erase the biological reality that enslaves and oppresses women by reducing womanhood to a ‘feeling’ that anyone can have. We are sick of being demonised and insulted and misrepresented.

All we want is for women to be people. Not sex objects, not slaves, not background noise, not accessories or possessions. We want the same level of respect, consideration and representation for all people, regardless of appearance or sex.

Radical feminism is not anti-trans. It is pro-women. We don’t want to fight against the trans movement. It has nothing to do with us. We want to dismantle the patriarchy. The same straight, white patriarchy that marginalises people who don’t perform gender in the way it wants them to. That threatens those who don’t adhere to the rules of heterosexuality. That punishes those who dare to blur the lines between ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’.

Transwomen are a marginalised, ostracised group under the patriarchy. But they are not women. The kind of trans activism that pits women against women under the guise of ‘inclusivity’ is not feminism. The kind of trans activism that pours vitriol on women who understand that it is our physical female bodies that put women in the oppressed class under patriarchy is not feminism. It is women being co-opted to do the work of the patriarchy. Women being taught to speak its language of hate and dismissal. They shout and swear and threaten. They do not seek to elevate women.

It is a smoke-and-mirrors distraction from the horrors that straight white men continue to inflict upon those who fall under the category of ‘other’. While us ‘other’ are fighting amongst ourselves, while radical women are being forced to defend ourselves from ‘feminists’, those straight, wealthy, white men continue to make decisions that further enhance their own power and reduce the rights and options of those of us categorised ‘other’.

I’m not asking anyone to change what they believe, only to respect the beliefs of others who share the goal of liberation. We are on the same side.


SWERF? Really?

SWERF = sex worker exclusive radical feminist. Often found alongside ‘whorephobic’.

I think the gist is that if you are anti-prostitution, as radical feminists tend to be, then you hate prostituted women.

That is a bit like saying that vegetarians hate animals.

As a radical feminist, heck, as a person, I find prostitution to be abhorrent. The fact that so many men think they have a right to sex whenever they want it, and use their economic privilege to access it. That the patriarchal society we live in has created a divide between ‘real women’ who are meant to be treated with some degree of care, and ‘sluts and whores’ who men can abuse and degrade with impunity. That society makes it so difficult for women to earn a living that many are forced to sell access to their bodies in order to pay their rent or feed their children. That when not enough women sell their bodies ‘voluntarily’, men simply purchase or steal women and force them into sexual servitude to satisfy the demand.

The level of abuse and harm and even death that is inflicted upon women so that men never have to go without an orgasm is completely unacceptable. That so many men consider women’s bodies to be something that they should have unfettered access to makes my blood boil. That men care so little about women’s right to not be bought, sold, objectified and violated makes me fear for the future of the human race.

What I feel for victims of prostitution is empathy. I want the world to treat them like they matter, to respect them, to care for them. For the abuse and torment that led them to decide that if they were already getting fucked they might as well get paid for it to never have had an opportunity to occur. For them to be able to make a decent living doing a regular job like men can. For them to feel safe. For them to be able to decide who does and who doesn’t have access to their bodies and for their lives to not depend on the actions of men who don’t even see them as real people.

It’s pretty much what I want for all women.

But as for the pimps and the johns… I want them to understand that what they are doing is exploitation. That they are not entitled to the bodies of women. That women are not theirs to buy, sell, rent out or dispose of. That women are people. That purchasing women for the purpose of treating them like sex toys is not acceptable. That the girl you pay to play out your violent fantasies is just as human as the wife or girlfriend who won’t do those things for you.

For those women who think that women should be able to choose to sell sex, let me ask you something. Why don’t you do it? How fun do you think it would be to have sex several times a night with men who think you are nothing? Would any amount of money make it worth it, let alone the relative pittance you would get for putting yourself at a such a high risk of violence?

So no, I have nothing against prostituted women. I would love for them all to have a safe path to freedom and to live without the constant threat of harm. Call me a SWERF, I don’t care. It is a word you made up to judge me an opinion I don’t even have. It means nothing to me. But by using it you show me that you care more about the right of men to purchase women than you do about the right of women and girls to be safe from harm and sexual exploitation.