QotD: “ACT sex industry exhibition ignores the brutal experiences of women like me: prostitution survivor speaks out”

Surprise… it’s not all ‘happy hookers’ in Australia either…

Anti-Porn Feminists

Last month a new exhibition – X-Rated; the sex industry in the ACT – opened at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG).

The exhibition is funded by the ACT [Australian Capital Territory] Government and the Interchange General Practice.

It is of particular interest to me as I spent some years exploited as a prostitute in Canberra in the 1990’s. I wanted to see how an industry that I have firsthand knowledge and experience of would be depicted within an art gallery.

I wondered if it would it be an honest and realistic insight into what actually happens.

I left the exhibition after 20 minutes, feeling sick and numb.

I went home and cried.

I cried because of the ignorance of those putting this exhibition together.

I cried because the exhibition was one sided – it clearly had an agenda to glamorise the sex industry.

I cried because there was no…

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