Magic Mike XXL – Where Men are People and Women Watch.

Where The Wild Words Are

Let me preface with a big fat spoiler alert. If you care about the story that goes along with the extended strip show, or you want to go in blind and make your own observations about the content, then back away now. This is not a review, it is an analysis.
So I took two hours out from being a ‘good feminist’ to see the sequel to a movie best known for its sexualisation and objectification of men. I have a horrible feeling that for the next 12 months, every time a woman criticises porn, we are going to have ‘but women love Magic Mike, and that’s just as bad’ shoved in our faces. But if mainstream porn was more like Magic Mike, the world would be a very different place. The two simply do not compare, and anyone who tries to equate them needs to be soundly ignored.

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